50 Low-Cost Business Ideas You Can Start While Working Full-Time

As a coach, I act as a guide to help 9 to 5ers start their own business and make their first sale within 90 days. With guidance, you will realize you are the hero of your own story and that launching your side hustle defeats all of your enemies–the unfulfilling job, the economy, and the fear of never being free to have the life you really want. It’s as easy as 1,2,3,4. Let me show you.

Step 1. Assess your current skillset, passions and interests. Step 2. Explore business ideas that align with your findings. Step 3. Pick one offer/product to start. Step 4. Set aside 5 hours a week and get to work.

Here are 50 low cost business ideas that require less than $5,000 in startup costs, no new skills, and that you can make your first sale this month—all while keeping your full-time job.

Creative Services

  1. Freelance Graphic Design: Use your existing design skills to create logos, advertisements, and more.
  2. Photography: Start by offering headshot sessions or product photography.
  3. Writing Services: Provide copywriting, blogging, or ghostwriting services.
  4. Handmade Crafts: Sell your crafts on platforms like Etsy.
  5. Jewelry Making: Design and sell custom jewelry.
  6. Affirmation Card Business: Create and sell unique affirmation or inspiration cards.
  7. Resume Writing: Help job seekers improve their resumes.
  8. Event Planning: Coordinate small events or parties.
  9. Interior Decorating/Staging: Offer your flair for home aesthetics.
  10. Cake Decorating: Create and sell custom cakes for events.

Tech Services

  1. Web Design: Build websites for small businesses.
  2. App Development: Develop simple apps for local businesses.
  3. Tech Support: Offer remote tech support.
  4. SEO Consulting: Help businesses improve their online visibility.
  5. Social Media Management: Manage social media accounts for brands.
  6. Video Editing: Provide video editing services for content creators.
  7. Podcast Editing: Edit audio and/or video for podcasters.
  8. Online Tutoring: Teach subjects you are knowledgeable about.
  9. Language Translation: Offer translation services for documents or websites.
  10. E-commerce Consultant: Help businesses set up online stores.

Personal Services

  1. Personal Shopping: Assist others in shopping for fashion or groceries.
  2. Fitness Coaching: Offer fitness classes or personal training online.
  3. Nutrition Planning: Provide meal plans and nutrition advice.
  4. Life Coaching: Help clients achieve personal goals.
  5. Beauty Consulting: Give beauty and makeup advice.
  6. Pet Sitting: Look after pets in your spare time.
  7. Babysitting: Offer flexible babysitting services during off-hours.
  8. Elder Care: Assist with non-medical care for the elderly.
  9. House Cleaning: Provide cleaning services.
  10. Lawn Care: Offer landscaping and lawn maintenance.

Retail and E-Commerce

  1. Dropshipping: Sell products online without holding inventory.
  2. Online Boutique: Curate a selection of products to sell online.
  3. Art Dealer: Sell artwork online or at local fairs.
  4. Vintage Goods Seller: Curate and sell vintage items.
  5. Specialty Food Store: Sell homemade or specialty foods.
  6. Print-on-Demand: Sell custom-designed t-shirts, mugs, and more.
  7. Subscription Boxes: Create and sell subscription boxes in a niche market.
  8. Furniture Upcycling: Refurbish and sell old furniture.
  9. Book Reseller: Buy and sell books online.
  10. Beauty Products Seller: Create and sell your own line of beauty products.

Consulting and Professional Services

  1. Project Management Consulting: Assist businesses with project planning and management.
  2. Financial Advising: Help clients manage their finances.
  3. Legal Consulting: Offer consulting in your area of legal expertise.
  4. Market Research: Conduct and sell market research reports.
  5. Public Speaking Coach: Help others improve their speaking skills.
  6. Career Coaching: Assist people with career planning and transitions.
  7. Corporate Training: Offer training sessions for businesses.
  8. HR Consulting: Provide HR and recruitment advice.
  9. Business Coaching: Use your expertise to help others grow their businesses.
  10. Real Estate Consulting: Assist clients with buying, selling, or renting property.

This list is just the beginning. Each idea can be tailored to your unique skills and life circumstances.

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