It’s time to Unpause Your Dreams!

Life starts with lots of dreams that we believe we will accomplish. Often, though we grow up, pause our dreams & redirect our energy to making a living, raising a family & helping loved ones fulfill their dreams. We always think we will come back to it—one day.

But life isn’t like Netflix, it doesn’t check in to ask us if we are still dreaming and we get farther and farther away from what it is we really want.

That’s where I come in.

Some might call me a life coach, but it is so much bigger than that.

I am here for the dreamers—to inspire & empower you to get what you want in your career, business or personal life.

My coaching helps you get clarity on what it is you want, create a plan and take immediate action to see your dreams become reality.

It’s been way too long since you’ve done what truly makes you happy and we all deserve to enjoy the splendor of dreams fulfilled.

Let’s go!

I am Charlene Ridley.

Dream Coach. Mom of 3. Encourager. Lover of God, life and people.

I am passionate about seeing people live their dreams.


It’s simple. If more people were living their dreams the world would be a better place.

My dream to do everything I can to see that come true.

There is a reason you are here.

Something deep inside is telling you there is more than what you’ve experienced in life so far. Maybe you know in your heart what that dream is; maybe you don’t– but either way you know there has got to be more to life than this.

Your dreams are closer than you think. Let me show you.

Want to work with me?

One on one coaching

My 1×1 coaching is offered in a $5,000 six-month custom container (payment plans are available). This discovery call gives us time to find out what juicy dream you have and discuss how I can help you achieve it. Schedule now
Do you have an employment offer that you’d like to negotiate? This call reviews the offer, determines the market and gives you the response you need to sure not to leave money on the table. Schedule now
This standalone session is right for entrepreneurs or individuals that already have clarity on what’s next. This recorded session provides the strategy and direction necessary to achieve that next level. A thorough strategy document is sent one week after the call. This documentation provides everything needed for self-directed implementation. Schedule now

Group Events

This workshop is for those who have wanted to move for some time but aren’t sure where or how.
Next workshop coming soon.
This workshop will give you the confidence to negotiate salary offers to ensure that you are getting what you are worth in the market. Next workshop coming soon.
Rest, Reset, Renew Retreat coming in 2023! Stay tuned for details

Private: ’22 UYD Scholarship

Isaiah is attending the State University of Albany this fall.

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