I am Charlene Ridley.

Coach. Strategist. Speaker. Wife. Mom. Lover of God, life and people.

I started my journey in 2000 writing resumes to help friends and co-workers set themselves apart & get higher paying jobs. Over the past 20+ years, I developed a knack for recreating myself, trying new ventures and living out my dreams.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, started five businesses, got an MBA, served on non-profit boards & held at least a half-dozen corporate positions. I’ve been a FINRA licensed trader, a career services professional at local college, real estate broker, and most recently a strategy & analytics manager at a Big Four firm.

My favorite part of every experience has been working with people.

Leading. Developing. Strategizing. Empowering them to reach their goals.

So, I’ve technically always been a coach. But in 2016, I made it official and coached my first group program with almost 200 participants. It was an incredible, life changing experience, not just for them but for me too.

In January 2023, I left my corporate job to pursue my new dream of career & small business coaching full-time.

My prayer is to have a lasting impact on everyone I meet. Everyone deserves to achieve their dreams and I am using everything I have learned to lead the way.